upcoming posts

This is a whet-your-appetite combined with a reminder-for-me note alerting the both of our parties about the upcoming posts coming up on my blog. I’m putting it down in concrete form so that if I don’t forget what happened, I can recount my experiences in word form, and if I do (forget) then you (and I) at least have a brief idea of what happened.

  • Sohum eats mangoes
  • Sohum watches 99 with his mom
  • Sohum learns to cook Indian-style chicken curry
  • Sohum watches Aa Dekhen Zara on DVD
  • Sohum gets batteries and a film-roll for an old-school Canon EOS 3000QD
  • Sohum thinks about the ICC World Twenty20 event a bit more

So that’s what’s coming up. I may just have to wake up early tomorrow and get all this done as if it were some sort of paper. Naah….

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