weird, weird dream

I just awoke from a totally wacky dream and decided to document it before it was lost forever from the depths of my mind. This dream began in ASB (my high school)–or rather that’s the earliest part of it I remember. I was back as an alum, but for some reason I was carrying my laptop bag around and took the elevator up to the 4th floor (then the tech floor). There were a bunch of other people in the elevator going up, as well, seemingly with a similar purpose.

Once we reached, at the top was our technology head at the time I was at ASB: Dr. Bennett. Quite a character that man. Apparently people were beelining to the top floor because they all wanted to install Windows 7 RC on their computers. And there was a mass Windows 7 RC guided session about to take place in one of the rooms up there (I think the formerly ESL room). After everyone was in the room I stopped Dr. Bennett outside to chat about my problem: which was a fictional error message I was encountering in Windows 7 RC (fictional in real life, real in dream life, of course).

So geeky are my dreams that I dreamt I was encountering an error message in Windows 7 RC. So much more geeky am I that in my dreams I actually “Googled” the solution and found it was a problem with the update manager. I had to click some non-existent buttons (something like enable updates and then disable updates) and then the problem disappeared. The exact nature of the problem eludes me at the moment, but I am fascinated of how this happened and also a little worried that I may be spending a little too much time on my computer even in my dreams, perhaps.

I don’t remember how that one ended, but next in my dreams I was somehow in Bhubaneshwar, at my grandmother’s house, with Dr. Bennett in tow. Not sure how I got there, but there was an aching pain in my left eye. I couldn’t close it properly. When I took a look at it, it appeared that I had a black eye of some sort. I tried to clean it up with water from the bathroom (where, incidentally, there was a scorpion-like creature treading water in a bucket). I was surprised at how much it hurt, even in the dream. I have examined my eye thereafter and it is perfectly normal.

The next part of the dream is kind of hazy but apparently I had flashbacks to the reason that my eye was hurting, and it was because someone had stuck a sword down it. Yeah… kind of completely wacky, huh? Sword in eye is definitely worse than black eye, but I guess my brain relieved me from the necessity of feeling that pain. Phew. Anyways… I just wanted to document that before it was lost forever. Dreams are really weird. I’m still fascinated by how all the senses are part of a dream. It makes me question sometimes how real real life is (not really, but just to sound philosophical, I guess).


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