movie review: 99

This movie, named as it is since it is based in the year 1999, was the first movie I watched in theaters after being back in India and was definitely one of the best Hindi movies I’ve seen in recent times. The movie is a comedy and features the versatile Boman Irani, Kunal Khemu (not sure if he has any other movies out) and former MTV VJ Cyrus Broacha. Boman leads the performances and really makes the movie worth watching, though, and as usual.

The movie itself revolves around a bookie in Bombay, named “AGM” (played by Mahesh Manjrekar), who happens to become associated with Sachin (Khemu) and Zaramud (Broacha) after they break into and crash his Benz while fleeing from the cops after their small-time cellphone scam was busted. This lands the two in a bunch of debt and they are then employed by AGM to pay off the debt.

Rahul (Boman Irani), meanwhile, is a foreign exchange company employee based in Delhi, who is visiting Bombay on a business trip. He has a penchant for placing bets, considering himself quite an intelligent better, although his past record and debt suggests otherwise. He ends up placing a large bet with AGM which he obviously loses, and flees to Delhi and tries to forget about it as he is paying up his other bets.

AGM ends up sending Sachin and Zaramud to Delhi to collect the debt, which results in a ton of confusion around Delhi as Rahul tries to settle one debt with another, and people collect money and end up losing it. The finale is pretty hilarious, and although predictable, still fun to watch. I will not disclose it since I recommend anyone who has not watched this movie to go ahead and do it. I’ll give it a 4.5/5.


The music wouldn’t stand up by itself but it complements the movie nicely. There are a couple of songs thrown in without a real need for them, but for the most part it is decent. Delhi Destiny and Soch Na Dobara are probably the best songs in the mix and the CD features remixes of each, as well. I’ll give it a 2.5/5. I wouldn’t and won’t buy this soundtrack, but wouldn’t mind tuning into it on the radio.

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