at&t comes through!

I thought it was only fair to give AT&T U-Verse its due after bashing it so much. My U-Verse connection was installed last Thursday by a very polite guy who hit his time range (10am sharp on a 9-11 am range) and left in about an hour. This minimized the amount of time I had to take off of work, which was great. The end result was the parking of a massive device known as a “gateway” which supposedly decodes the VDSL signal into TV and internet. Speaking of internet, my bandwidth got doubled to 12mbps for the same price so that’s fairly awesome.

TV is good! The DVR service is cool in that I can remotely schedule it from a web browser/iPod Touch App. So in case I have forgotten to set the DVR to record a show, I can fix that problem fairly easily. One gripe I do have, and one that is not local to AT&T, is the whole scenario of sports blackouts. I had my first encounter with them when I tried to watch a Rockets preseason game on FSSW. I get the channel, but the Rockets game is blacked out here in Austin. Supposedly because the Spurs are our “home” team. Couldn’t choose a worse home team if I had picked one blindly–I despise the Spurs.

Anyways, with no league pass available on U-Verse and the Rockets sucking enough to only have something like 6 games broadcast nationally (and all of those on NBATV meaning I can’t watch it anyway), it looks like I’ll have to follow the Rockets via the good old online live stream. At least with a 12mbps downlink I shouldn’t have any buffering problems!

I suppose that’s it for now. I should’ve been asleep a while back but my college habits haven’t faded away yet.

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