Recently an article came up on my Google News about the new “background image” option on the Google homepage. It was an article on PC World ruminating about why some people are complaining about the new background image. I read it and agreed with most of it, but most honestly, I was wondering, “What kind of people would actually complain about this?” I expected it to be some minor percentage of people who have nothing to do, but as I scrolled down to the comments section, I was really flabbergasted by the number of people who actually had an issue with the new homepage.

To recap, Google added the ability for you to specify a background image on your Google homepage, the effect of which made it look a bit like Bing (but in reality a lot different–Bing’s graphical homepage is actually a lot more feature-ful). Furthermore, you could actually choose which “theme” you wanted and could even upload your own stuff or do a Google Images search for a graphic you wished to use. What’s the issue?

Apparently some Google users feel like they have some ownership of how the page should look. There were actually people demanding that Google return the homepage to the default state or add some sort of “easy to click” option to do so. Really? It’s just a homepage. The page behaves exactly the same. The only thing I’m really worried about is whether the Google logo will still be customized on special days–as that’s the only reason I actually go to the Google homepage (I use my Firefox search bar for everything else).

Seriously, people, find something better to complain about. Like that oil spill or whales dying or something.