apparently it is really easy to stop receiving unsolicited calls

For the longest time, I thought that getting myself on the “Do Not Call” list would involve jumping through hoops such as calling a number, being put on hold for a long time and, of course, the whole process failing until it was done a few times. Well, I can’t vouch for the last part, but apparently getting yourself on this list is as easy as going to the U.S. Government’s website, aptly titled

All you have to do is click the Register Now button, enter your number and an email address and then click the confirmation link they send you on your email. If you are super paranoid, you can probably set up one of those temporary mailboxes and that way the government won’t be able to associate your phone number with your email address (although Facebook already does it).

I know a few million people in India who would be pleased as punch if such a system was available there!

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  1. I have heard the system does not work as well, there. Also, note that they have apparently not even set-up a domain name for the government website. Would be a lot easier to go to than…

    And as soon as I clicked on the “Check Registration” button I was given a page not found error…

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