[acoustic cover] headlines – drake

Yay, another musical cover. I recently bought a pop filter so I decided to try out recording audio on the microphone. Many hours later (the song recording took about 8 minutes after a couple of takes), I’ve finally got iMovie to create a video file that I uploaded to YouTube. I still find it ridiculous that the turnaround time on Windows Movie Maker would have been < 30 minutes. iMovie may be the most poorly designed interface I’ve interacted with, when it comes to Apple software, and that includes the ridiculousness that is iTunes as well as the tweenage iOS paradigm.

Anyways, enough griping. This is a cover of Drake’s song Headlines. Also could probably have been titled They Know, since he says that about 1.374 million times in the song. Still haven’t learned all the words to it so I had to read them off the screen, but at some point I’ll do it right. Just not this time.

[youtube 6Os2jaa2bk0 nolink]

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