deadmau5, rapping and self-help

I watch a lot of the internet and the internet is always throwing up awesome videos. So I decided to start a completely irregular section on this site called video rewind where I basically peruse the videos that I most enjoyed watching over the span of time since the last posting. I’ll hopefully cut down on posting these videos on Facebook since about 104% of my visitors come from Facebook. WARNING: I may steal videos you show me and post them without credit, thus making me look cooler than I am. It’s all part of the ploy.

#1 Deadmau5 in London for the Nokia Lumia Launch

As a fan and user of the Windows Phone 7, I’m always looking for opportunities to promote it. As a fan of Deadmau5, this was kind of a perfect event. Even if it was in England. But this is sick. Light projection on a London building while Deadmau5 breaks it down. The Nokia Lumia looks interesting. Once Nokia refines their designs a little bit and comes to the US, I’ll be replacing my HTC HD7S with a Nokia offering. This is way in the future, of course. I just got a new phone.

[youtube SX2Gd-kqV5s nolink]


#2 Nerdy white kid KILLS “Look at Me Now” (while cooking pancakes)

This video has amassed 1.6 million views in 1 day. Let that sink in. More people watched this video since yesterday than there are people in Trinidad & Tobago. More people probably watched this video than people took showers in Estonia since this video was released. I’m assuming Estonians don’t like to shower. This dude, Mac Lethal, drops an insane rhyme to Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now. While cooking a stack of pancakes (that I hope someone will eat). He may even rap faster than Busta Rhymes. Me, I’m still working on being able to read Busta Rhymes’ part while he raps in while listening to Look At Me Now.

[youtube Teaft0Kg-Ok nolink]


#3 How To Greet People (and other self-help)

I found this guy’s channel becauseĀ  YT promoted it to me before they went all crazy and changed the front page. This is from April 2011 so some of you may have already seen it. Here, evmoneyTV breaks it down and tells us socially awkward creatures how to make an… interesting… first impression on people.

[youtube g6J4Iij5-uk nolink]

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