politicians and virgins

Yay, video rewind time! My favorite videos this week have a political lean because I’ve been trying to educate myself a little more about the GOP candidates.

#1 Awkward first kiss of virgin newlyweds

There’s apparently a new “reality TV” show out called The Virgin Diaries. It’s about “real-life virgins” and how they go about everyday life. I don’t know why this seems like a show that anyone would want to watch, but I guess it is kind of the anti-Jersey Shore. This clip certainly did not convince me to begin watching the show…

[youtube KAVcFt9r52o nolink]


#2 Ron Paul on Trash TV in 1988

Since we’re on the topic of trashy TV, I thought I’d share this video of Ron Paul that I had not seen before. In this 10-minute video. Ron Paul is on some really weird show in the 80s as a presidential candidate. In it, he’s trying to argue that the U.S. should end the war on drugs. Interestingly, he’s making the same argument in this race. The host of the show is extremely rude. I guess we’ve come a long way if the worst part about TV today is Jersey Shore and/or Fox News.

[youtube IHB2I83_N_k nolink]


#3 Rick Perry Offending… Everyone

Last Wednesday, Rick Perry released a campaign ad titled Strong. In the four days since then, his video has managed to garner nearly 630,000 dislikes on YouTube. His video has the “achievement” of earning more dislikes than Rebecca Black’s Friday. It’s hard to fathom these numbers until you watch the video. And if you want more fun, there are a million remix videos available for your viewership.

[youtube 0PAJNntoRgA nolink]



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