my first video uploaded to the internet, ever

I feel extremely wary of categorizing this under “Music” since it most certainly isn’t, but I don’t know where else it would fit. So, about 6 years ago on a summer vacation, I made the haphazard (and, no doubt, boredom-influenced) decision to lear how to play tabla. My mom asked for a contact through her singing teacher and I was all set up. This video, which I uploaded to Google Video back in the day, was shot about a month and a half into my learning. Although it is a pretty crappy tabla rendition, the sadder part about the whole deal is that I probably can’t play it this “well” anymore. Sadface.

Why this sudden jump to the past? Well, YouTube was like, “Hey dude, your videos from Google Videos are gonna be deleted. Wanna put them here?” And I was like, “Yeah, bro, that seems chill.”

[youtube _3SVN32EFRo nolink]

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