first day back to work

I continue chronicling my rehab from ACL surgery…

Day 57 (7/17)

Since I had postponed a few meetings from yesterday and we were nearing an iteration deadline, I decided to go into work today. When I woke up in the morning around 6 AM to take the first of my last three does of pain meds, though, there was a lot of pain getting out of bed and to the bathroom. The pain going from a horizontal position to a vertical position is still extreme–maybe a 7 or 8. I’ll have to talk to the doctor tomorrow about more pain meds or something over-the-counter because it’s pretty unbearable for the few minutes that my knee is adjusting to all the blood.

I worked remotely from about 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM before I left for work. I did some research on picking up a handicap placard and found out that I could do so at a county tax office and that one was about 2 miles away and had a drive-through service. It was about a 5 minute drive and 5 minute wait and $5 worth of fees and I had my red placard in hand that allows me to park closer to establishments and limp through their doors.

I reached work around 10 AM and once again was hit with the sending blood-down-the-knee thing. I limped over to my desk with the crutches and was able to prop my leg up on another chair and work at a completely different angle than I’m used to. I went to a couple of meetings and actually got some code written so I felt productive.

I was originally going to work till 2 PM but I didn’t want to deal with the adventure of acquiring food so I decided to leave around 1 PM and eat lunch at home and work remotely. This arrangement worked out pretty well from a comfort (and probably productivity) perspective. I was able to ice with my machine at home and even got my CPM machine cranked up to 80 degrees.

In the evening I felt a bit adventurous so I took my parents out to an Ethiopian restaurant we had gone to with friends–Aster’s. We all ended up getting their trademark Doro Watt dish and I think my parents liked it. Drove home and once again I was relieved to get back to the ice pack. I spent some time researching whether the pain I’m feeling now is normal or not. I will probably be emailing my PT tomorrow to get her opinion. I do have a PT session in the afternoon.

I’m planning to go in for more or less a whole day of work tomorrow, since I have an early morning meeting. I may skip out during lunch, once again, although this would involve more walking to and from the car. At least I can park fairly close.

My pain while my leg is elevated is around a 2 or 3 now. The pain while just standing up is around an 8, like I mentioned earlier. After standing up for a while, walking is about a 5-6. I do need to remember to wear my brace around, though.


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