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Day 25 PS

If you’ve noticed the frequency of my ACL-rehab posts going down, it’s because the frequency is inversely correlated with how good the rehab is going. The last week and a half have definitely been mostly positive and I feel like I’m getting back to a mostly normal lifestyle, minus the ability to really exercise with my lower body.

Last Friday, I was finally told that I can ditch the crutches. That was not entirely surprising and it was in fact something I had been expecting for a while. What I was also told is that I could unlock and even get rid of the brace if I was feeling up to it. I most certainly was because that brace may have been one of the most uncomfortable and annoying things I’ve ever had to wear. So this weekend was the first weekend without any sort of weight-bearing aid.

My walking gait has been a lot better though my knee extension has stagnated with about a degree or so remaining to be straightened out. Part of this is my fault since I have been lazy on doing the rehab at home. Knee flexion is returning slowly–I’m up to about 120 degrees as measured today at my physiotherapy appointment. I even managed to play some really poor badminton in my backyard this weekend–provided the shuttle was hit directly to me!

At PT, the rehab has got somewhat redundant. The only new exercises I’ve been introduced to over the last few sessions has been related to the balance board. This is basically a square piece of wood that has a kinda half-cylinder attached below it which it can pivot on (kinda like a see-saw). You can position your feet either perpendicular or parallel to the underlying cylinder to have two different forms of balance. The exercises I’ve done included tapping forward and back for a minute, just balancing for a minute and almost tapping forward and back for a minute. Last week I also did an exercise where I was on the balancing board and throwing a basketball at one of those spring-nets set up on the ground and catching the returned ball. That was kinda fun. It’s a great calf workout.

Right now, it seems like PT is kind of stagnating and the main reason I’m coming back is to make sure I actually rehab since I’m not doing it at home. However, I’ve now been given the greenlight to workout in the gym, including some lower-body exercises–such as the stationary bike (up to 20 minutes) and light-weight leg presses (single and both legs) as well as calf raises. Now, I just need to find a gym.

I’m approaching the 4-6 week period where the graft is supposed to be at its weakest. Or that may be the 6-8 week period. Who knows? Either way, at 6 weeks the graft should be at its weakest and I’ll need to take it easy. That is going to be around August 26th or so and thankfully I have nothing physically exerting planned for then.

Future updates to this story will probably be in the form of any new PT exercises or any other major developments (such as finding out that they injected me with some sort of liquid metal that will make me a Wolverine-Transformer hybrid).

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