16-week milestone

My left ACL is now 16 weeks and 1 day old. The coolest part about this is that I can start running again. The uncool parts include finding out how difficult running is going to be again and also waiting the 2 months until I’m cleared for sports. Especially now that NBA season has started and the Rockets are young and exciting. But I guess I cannot complain since I’m technically 67% of the way through, now.

I will admit that I have become quite lazy at rehab so I guess the 6-month mark may be pushed back a little bit. This coupled with the fact that my physical therapy appointments are now down to once every two weeks (more a function of not wanting to pay $140 a month for basically going and doing the same stuff over and over again) means that my recovery is a little slower than expected. But the dog adoption has ensured that I at least walk 20-25 minutes each day at a pretty brisk pace with effective resistance (Tucows still pulls on the leash quite a bit).

Next week is the San Antonio Half Marathon which I will obviously not be running. I’m contemplating going and supporting the one remaining friend who has not dropped out because of injury, but things like having to put the dog in boarding will probably make this an actual decision. Luckily, San Antonio is only about an hour and a half away and a really easy drive. And the weather should actually be good to walk around the river.

Anyways, that’s about it. Just a miniscule update on the ACL. I’ll be putting up a review of my Microsoft Surface (which I bought last Friday) over the weekend.

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