recovery: part 2

It’s been a couple of days since my surgery now–in fact it is almost exactly 48 hours since I was discharged from the fine Central Park Surgery Center facility. I actually started writing this entry the same evening I had surgery but after reaching two sentences I became disgruntled and took a nap instead.

The last couple of days have been interesting. The pain this time around is a lot less than the pain last time around, which was to be expected, I suppose, since the procedure was far less… serious.

Day 0 PS (9/13/2013)

I won’t go through the pre-op process and all that again since it was pretty much the same as last time. The anasthesia worked and did its job well and I woke up in the recovery room with a cracker and apple juice in my hand.

I have still not figured out the specifics of what they did in my knee but as I understand it, they basically cleaned up everything from my previous surgery. This included removing the “hardware” (washers and pins that were responsible for holding the previous reconstructed ligament to the bone until it grafted) from the previous surgery and getting rid of the remains of the old ligament. They also trimmed my medial meniscus because it was apparently too lacerated to be repaired. I’m not sure if they removed it completely or just trimmed the part that was torn and in my joint, though.

The surgery took about 2 hours and I spent an additional hour in the recovery room. I came back home and took a nice, long nap on the painkillers on Friday and survived on a diet of fruits and liquids (juices and such) since that would supposedly allow the anesthesia to get out of my system the fastest. I slept a bunch on Friday but since I was not in that much pain (they had supposedly injected morphene into my knee joint) I did remote in and got a little bit of work done.

Day 1 PS (9/14/2013)

On this Saturday I spent most of the day lying in bed watching football. Not a bad way to spend the day if you’re a professional couch potato. I’ve kept my leg elevated almost constantly since surgery. I probably spent less than 10 minutes off the bed on Saturday, and that was just to walk around the house a little bit and use the restroom.

I had a delicious lunch of lamb curry and rice cooked by my uncle which lifted my spirits considerably. Rice ended up squeezing through a victory in their game against Kansas so that put me in a good mood, as well. I ended up going to bed around 10:30 PM with a fresh batch of ice in my ice machine and slept without interruption till about 5AM. At this point I disconnected the ice machine since it felt a bit wet and went back to bed for another couple of hours.

Day 2 PS (9/15/2013)

When my uncle came in at 7.30 AM to replace the ice I said that the leg felt wet so I was going to open it up. I went into the bathroom and went to work on the bandaging and its many layers. The lowest layer of gauze was fairly bloody but it was also all dried. So the wetness that I was feeling just appeared to be nerves down around my knee being pinched or something.

I got rid of all the old dressing and then put some new surgical dressing that my uncle had bought from Walgreen’s and wrapped it all up. There’s maybe 1 or 2 fewer layers now because I can definitely feel the ice pack when I reconnect it. I’m not putting it on all the time, though, because I’m afraid that the moisture might seep through and get the wound wet.

Pain levels have decreased to just discomfort. I’m still not taking the risk of testing my knee too much but the last dose of hydrocodone I took was last night at around 7:30 PM and I have been able to sleep and such without too many problems. Hopefully this improvement continues.

NFL is about to begin in just about 29 minutes so the rest of the day is going to be focused around fantasy football!

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